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A Guide to Men’s Jewelry

There’s no doubt about it: navigating the world of men’s jewelry can be a tad difficult. Well, there’s no need to be confused. It can be easy with the right knowledge, confidence, and style. Plus, the right kind of jewelry can be the perfect way to add a masculine touch to any outfit or style.

Why is the Right Piece of Jewelry Important for a Man?

Having the right piece of jewelry is incredibly important, particularly for those wearing the wrong pieces of jewelry. In fact, the right necklace, cuff, watch, or ring can make the difference between looking plain or looking dapper and well put-together. Wearing the wrong piece is a statement that no man wants to make: it can look overdone and gaudy, even pretentious.

So, what’s the key to wearing the right style of jewelry as a man? It has a lot to do with how the jewelry is being worn, if that makes sense. By exuding confidence yet a casual, nonchalant attitude, most men could pull off just about any type of jewelry. Well, almost anything—don’t start throwing on a ton of necklaces and rings on each finger, because that just looks completely ridiculous. There is a way to wear jewelry as a man, without looking overdone. The right piece of jewelry offers a way to showcase personality and stand out from the crowd. What man doesn’t want that? Jewelry should be an essential part of every man’s wardrobe.

What Are the Different Types of Jewelry That Men Can Wear?

When it comes down to it, there are really no limits to the type of jewelry that a man can wear. Of course, there are traditional rings, necklaces, watches, and bracelets. However, there is a much wider world of jewelry out there than just those pieces. Go for a tie bar, cufflinks, even a broach (lapel pin), or an earring for those who feel a bit more adventurous than usual.

In Gianmarys Jewelry have a huge collection of men’s jewelry, including silver, gold, bronze, and all different types of materials and metals, all inspired by a different historical era. Each and every piece they created for the men’s collection has its own unique style, look, and feel, so there’s something for just about everyone.


Many men think that they can’t pull off wearing a necklace, but that’s the problem: if they think they can’t pull it off, then, well, they actually can’t. A lot of it has to do with attitude. However, that doesn’t mean to start loading up on gold and diamonds like a rapper. Instead, look for something simple. Most men like wearing gold or silver link chains, which are totally fine and great traditional necklaces to wear. However, it doesn’t have to be huge and chunky. It’s still possible to rock a smaller, linked chain without looking or feeling feminine at all. In fact, simple, thin chains can actually look quite masculine when paired with the right outfit.

Remember that most of the time, a necklace will likely be hidden under a shirt. Some men opt for pendants, but those require some serious confidence to pull off. For the cool look of jewelry without the huge statement, simply wear a necklace hidden underneath a shirt so only a little bit shows.


A ring is always a great accessory to wear, but keep in mind that anything bulky is going to be hard to pull off. Also, wearing more than two or maybe three rings is slightly reminiscent of the movie The Godfather. Most men only wear their wedding band, and that’s perfectly acceptable.

However, it’s always an option to wear another ring or two in addition to a wedding band. Just keep it simple! Generally, anything that’s bulky should probably be worn on its own. Look for rings that are on the thinner, simpler side. Or, for those with the confidence to pull it off, a big statement ring is the perfect way to add a bold touch to any outfit.


Bracelets can be tricky. Wearing too many of them can look tacky and costumey. For metal bracelets, stick to something on the simpler side. For thicker or wider bracelets, use a material like leather, wood, rope, hemp, or a rougher-textured cloth, like khaki. Usually, it’s a good idea to wear one or two bracelets, but no more than that. A good rule of thumb is to keep any bracelets more on the formal side of things to avoid looking like an elementary schooler with a friendship bracelet.

The Takeaway: Keep it Simple

The takeaway here is to keep it simple and subtle. This is especially important for beginners, because starting out subtle and understated can eventually help provide the boost of confidence necessary to wear bolder, statement pieces. Then, the sky’s the limit.

Another quick pro tip: the only time it’s okay to mismatch is when it’s either a wedding ring or a family heirloom piece. Those can be worn with any outfit, any situation, anytime. Just remember, keep it simple. If it feels like it’s too much, it probably is.

Also, please don’t forget to clean every piece of jewelry periodically and care for it properly, so it stays in the beautiful condition it was when it was first purchased. It also helps extend the lifespan of the jewelry as well and ensures that it stays in great condition.

The Ultimate Guide to Wearing Men’s Jewelry

Jewelry isn’t just for women: men can wear any style of jewelry they want, as long as they’ve got the confidence to pull it off. Really, the key takeaway here is to keep things simple and subtle, especially for beginners. However, it’s a fine line: at the same time, it’s also very important to find pieces that can showcase personality and character to the world at large. Ultimately, it’s about balancing the style and fashion with the confidence and nonchalance to back it up.

For an immersive shopping experience, browse through some of our men’s and women’s collections on In Gianmarys Jewelry website. Our historically inspired designs have withstood the test of time, but we’ve taken it one step further and upgraded those same designs to make them modern enough for the 21st century. Whether it’s for gift shopping or just some self-pampering, our collections have something for just about everyone–just head to Gianmarys Jewelry today.

A Guide to Men’s Jewelry

There’s no doubt about it: navigating the world of men’s jewelry can be a tad difficult. Well, there’s no need to be confused. It can be easy...
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